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The very modern and noticeably high-tech Portland Aerial Tram consists of a lower tram terminal located at the City of Portland’s South Waterfront with a corresponding upper tram terminal located at Oregon Health & Science University’s Marquam Hill campus. The distance between the two terminals is 3,300 feet, the highest point above ground is 178 feet, and each cabin has a maximum capacity of 78 passengers. CMTS’ involvement with the construction of the Portland Aerial Tram resulted after the project was over budget and critically behind schedule.

A new team was assembled to assist with the project recovery plan developed simultaneously while the project moved forward with construction. The strategic recovery plan included an assessment of the entire program, schedule, costs and each component was seriously deficient requiring revised values for budget and schedule. The next step involved acceptance and approval of the revised values by the team members and multiple stakeholders including the Portland Development Commission.

Once approved, project values were placed into a GMP for the construction management and general contractor. Values were monitored daily for the next year and the intended program remained consistent within the revised budget. The phased opening met all of the stakeholders’ requirements with no liquidated damages. CMTS was responsible for design coordination between the Portland Aerial Tram, is owned by the City of Portland and operated by OHSU.

Coordination involved document control, evaluation, and coordination of design accommodations for the facility operations and maintenance, as well as all project submittals which were reviewed and synchronized.

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