We operate our business with the skill, competence, and character expected of a member of a highly trained profession

CMTS LLC has embarked on a mission. To build on excellent brand and strengthen its commitment to producing client based solutions. We have had the pleasure of working with both owner and contractor to produce a well balanced understanding of how we communicate with both sets of professionals.


We take our profession extremely serious and value our role as an consultant to our client. We have worked in many capacities from Owner’s Representative to Dedicated Building Inspector. In every role our creed is very clear provide a service that focuses on cost and time efficient solutions.

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With over 300 projects since the year 2000 CMTS is building a reputation across the country as a solution finding firm. Often our clients look to us to provide them the right service, people, or public support. This solution based operation allows the CMTS to cater to it’s individual clients to find solutions that work for them on time and under budget.

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