Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport

Denver Public Works Department’s Division of Aviation managed the construction of Denver International Airport (DIA). The City contracted the program management of the design and construction efforts. CMTS provided inspection and administrative services for various contracts as part of the Program Management Team (PMT). At the peak of construction, the PMT employed nearly 700 professionals in management, administration, inspection, scheduling, estimating, quality control, and testing. The PMT managed more than 70 general contracts representing more than, 400 contractors and suppliers and nearly 12,000 workers.

CMTS has established an enduring relationship with Denver International Airport (DIA) and over the years, the company has provided services on interior construction projects, concourses, terminals, and the central plant as well as exterior roadway projects like Peña Boulevard which is the main corridor for all ground transportation to Denver International Airport (DIA). Concourse B at DIA which houses United Airlines flight operations is the largest of DIA’s three concourses, at 3,500 feet long, 126 feet wide, up to five levels, and contains 47 passenger jetways achieving a high level of convenience for both passengers and airline personnel many of the features unique to Concourse B including the Aircraft Parts Distribution Facility which coordinates the storage, retrieval, and nationwide distribution of United Airlines spare parts.

Concourse C is the farthest concourse from the terminal and is publicly accessed by an underground train that leaves the terminal every two minutes and has a total area of 843,000 square feet, of which 15% is dedicated to airlines, 7% to concessions, 12% to baggage handling, 47% to public space, and 19% to maintenance facilities. The Central Plant Facility at (DIA) is the source of all heating and cooling from the Terminal and parking garages to Concourse C with enough capacity to handle the addition of future Concourses D and E.

Due to the restrictions of height and energy efficiency, the majority of the Central Plant is below apron level. Peña Boulevard links I-70 with the main terminal. CMTS administered the contract and provided quality assurance engineering and inspection for the construction of the eight-mile stretch of limited access interstate highway for Peña Boulevard and the air cargo roadways as well as overseeing the construction of all excavation and embankment, drainage structures, paving, striping, signage, 20 post-tensioned and eight pre-stressed bridges, related on/off ramps, and the E-470 interchange.

CMTS staff delivered program administration and inspection services and staffed deputy resident engineers, office engineers, contract administration, inspection staff, and clerical staff for these projects on-site.

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