In 1984 two college buddies set out on a venture. Build a future for their families but helping people find the best houses for they're own familes. Starting with purchase and reselling homes we started to see there where greater needs in the market place to which are standard of excellence can benefit the larger community. CMTS naturally progressed into neighborhood and community development


CMTS soon began serving as General Contractor for multiple projects including a hangar for Frontier Airlines at Denver International Airport. This lead the company into adding additional services such as Construction Management, Quality Control, and Engineering and Design.

CO - RTD Metro Area Connector - 1994
CO - RTD Metro Area Connector - 1994_2

CMTS has grown from its humble beginnings to working on large City and Municipal projects that help connect our fellow man to one another. That work includes Major transportation Hubs moving passengers from the city to the airport and on site living arrangements.


We've developed expertise in the Aviation world that has allowed us to work on projects including terminal expansion, runway repair, tenant as builts, tenant new designs, people movers and more.

BP442 New Airside 4 Central Energy Plant 6-3-16 021
Philadelphia International Airport

As we've added more responsibility to our company we gained the best hands on knowledge and wherewithal to manage many city and municipal projects. These projects take on the scope of University Performance art centers to state of the art Waste Management and sewer systems.