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A multifaceted company specializing in construction management and project management for public and private sector clients.

As a firm with prime capabilities and national reach, we offer our clients services such as project controls, cost estimating, scheduling, engineering/architectural design review, value engineering, constructability, and construction document review, commissioning and inspection services.

Since 1984, the name CMTS represents a tradition of quality and integrity that has become the cornerstone of the company’s success as a trusted leader in the industry.

CMTS provides project and construction management, engineering/ architectural design review in both the public and private sectors.

CMTS holds offices nationwide and engages experienced project professionals/technical personnel and is prepared to service the needs of our clients from project conception through completion.


City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) West and Eastside CSO ‘Big Pipe’ Tunnel Projects Portland, Oregon

The CSO upgrade program, initiated in 1988, consisted of upgrading the storm and sanitary sewer systems throughout the metropolitan area including headworks, pump stations, and treatment plant projects.

In 2003, The Westside CSO project was initiated which included a major revamp and new construction of shafts and a tunnel under the Willamette River to a new treatment facility the Swan Island Pump Station that could pump up to 100 million gallons per day to the to the Columbia Boulevard Treatment Plant for processing, Upon completion of the East Side CSO project, the Swan Island Pump Station facility is scheduled to serve both the west and east side pumping to a capacity of 220 million gallons per day to the City’s primary wastewater treatment facility.

It will lift sewage from 160 feet below ground to three new force mains that will empty into the existing Portsmouth and Peninsular tunnels, which will then carry sewage by gravity to the Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant. CMTS, Inc. was selected through an RFP process to provide construction management, inspection, and administrative personnel.

CMTS has also provided inspection services for multi-street projects which included observation of asphalt placement, overlays, concrete curbs and sidewalks, gutter replacement, installation of new sewer and storm lines ranging from 6 inch to 144 inch pipe (P.V.C., concrete, steel, H.D.P.E., ductile iron).

CMTS also incorporated design review by inspectors prior to the release of bid documents for existing field conditions and constructability. The CMTS team inspected the construction of wetland and sedimentation ponds.

Los Angeles Unified School District New Construction Program - Los Angeles, California

LAUSD has one of the largest public works program in the United States. This 12-year venture continues to be a resounding success by the number of schools that have been built and long-deferred maintenance that has been implemented.

It has been cost efficient in terms of dollars and intrinsic value. By the 2012 school year, all schools will be on single track, ending of involuntary bussing, and over 150,000 new seats added in 2000 CMTS was competitively selected to perform Project Management Services and we continue to be part of the LAUSD team.

Denver International Airport (DIA) - Denver, Colorado

Denver Public Works Department's Division of Aviation managed the construction of Denver International Airport (DIA). The City contracted the program management of the design and construction efforts. CMTS provided inspection and administrative services for various contracts as part of the Program Management Team (PMT). At the peak of construction, the PMT employed nearly 700 professionals in management, administration, inspection, scheduling, estimating, quality control, and testing. The PMT managed more than 70 general contracts representing more than, 400 contractors and suppliers and nearly 12,000 workers.

CMTS has established an enduring relationship with Denver International Airport (DIA) and over the years, the company has provided services on interior construction projects, concourses, terminals, and the central plant as well as exterior roadway projects like Peña Boulevard which is the main corridor for all ground transportation to Denver International Airport (DIA). Concourse B at DIA which houses United Airlines flight operations is the largest of DIA's three concourses, at 3,500 feet long, 126 feet wide, up to five levels, and contains 47 passenger jetways achieving a high level of convenience for both passengers and airline personnel many of the features unique to Concourse B including the Aircraft Parts Distribution Facility which coordinates the storage, retrieval, and nationwide distribution of United Airlines spare parts. Concourse C is the farthest concourse from the terminal and is publicly accessed by an underground train that leaves the terminal every two minutes and has a total area of 843,000 square feet, of which 15% is dedicated to airlines, 7% to concessions, 12% to baggage handling, 47% to public space, and 19% to maintenance facilities.

The Central Plant Facility at (DIA) is the source of all heating and cooling from the Terminal and parking garages to Concourse C with enough capacity to handle the addition of future Concourses D and E. Due to the restrictions of height and energy efficiency, the majority of the Central Plant is below apron level. Peña Boulevard links I-70 with the main terminal. CMTS administered the contract and provided quality assurance engineering and inspection for the construction of the eight-mile stretch of limited access interstate highway for Peña Boulevard and the air cargo roadways as well as overseeing the construction of all excavation and embankment, drainage structures, paving, striping, signage, 20 post-tensioned and eight pre-stressed bridges, related on/off ramps, and the E-470 interchange. CMTS staff delivered program administration and inspection services and staffed deputy resident engineers, office engineers, contract administration, inspection staff, and clerical staff for these projects on-site.

Rehabilitation of the14th Street Bridge - Washington, D.C.

In the nation's capital, CMTS is part of history in the making as a sub-consultant involved in a major rehabilitation project of the 59-year old 14th Street Bridge Project which will take place over the course of two years.

The 14th Street Bridge is a major bridge in the Washington region which connects Northern Virginia to the Southwest quadrant of DC and is a major entryway into the Nation's capital. The bridge typically carries 200,000 daily commuters into the District.

This $27 million reconstruction project will consist of resurfacing, paving, painting, and structural work. CMTS staff are an integral component of the construction management team.

Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts - Miami, Florida

CMTS as part of a team of professionals provided project management and cost estimating services for this project which consisted of the construction of a 2,400 seat Ballet Opera House, a 2,200-seat Concert Hall, a 200 seat Studio Theater and 8,200 square feet of Workshop and Classroom space. The center occupies 570,000 square feet on 5.9 acres of land.

The Performing Arts Center is a premier venue in Miami, Florida for a wide array of local, national, and international performances ranging from Broadway Musicals, visiting classical artists, urban music, Latin concerts and popular entertainment from many cultures. Final construction costs for the project was $461 Million.

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